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Show me your teeth.

[ooc] HMD + Contact info

Posted on 2030.05.12 at 16:06
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 How's my driving? Notice anything weird that I might want to know about? Areas I need to improve on? Feel free to tell me. Anon enabled and IP logging disabled. Screening on.
Plurk: endlesssorcerer
YIM: battler_ushiromiya

Show me your teeth.

[ooc] General Info & Regains [w.i.p]

Posted on 2030.05.11 at 20:15
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Show me your teeth.

[ooc] Character Meme

Posted on 2025.05.12 at 12:58
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Show me your teeth.

thevelvetkey application.

Posted on 2011.10.08 at 11:35
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SPD Emergency!Collapse )

Phone/Action [Mayfield Fire Department // Monday AND Tuesday]

[Guess who's gets to spend the next 48 hours sitting answering all your crazy emergency calls? That's right. Bridge the Firefighter at your service!  Kittens stuck in trees? Check. Pyromaniac children setting dolls on fire? Check. Prank calls? Double check. People that just want to see a shiny red fire truck? You name it, he'll do it. This is going to be a LONG day.]

Mayfield Fire Department, Bridge speaking. What's your emergency?


Ranger Log 003 ~ In Your Honor

Posted on 2011.05.30 at 13:24
Phone [503 Ricardo Street // Backdated to Saturday Morning]

...Eva Ushiromiya. That was the name of the woman this town selected as my 'target'. But I couldn't do that. I'm a ranger. We never kill without good reason. She was just a normal person like you or me. Sure, I may not have known her past, but... I got this letter this morning informing me she's been... terminated. She told me she had kill her target for her family, but I guess... he got her instead. ...They sent me my Delta Morpher as some kind of sick and twisted reward for something I didn't do. ...But don't worry, Miss Ushiromiya. I'm not going to let your death be in vain. I will wander these streets until I collapse from exhaustion trying to help each and every single person I can. I'm not just going to stand idly by as more people try to take lives. This has to end. Now. If there's anyone out there that hasn't turned into a murderous monster already, feel free to join me. I won't be that easy to miss. And if you are one of those monsters? Bring it on. I'll protect the good people of this city with my life if I have to.

[For the rest of the event (or until his death) Bridge will be seen wearing his SPD Red Ranger suit and carrying around the short sword Hiccup gave him earlier in the week.]

[OOC note: I'm open to any plotting if anyone wants. Just send me a message through here or over plurk! \o/]

Closed Action for Elsa [Wandering down Beulah Street // Noon]

[...Well, this was unexpected. Or was it completely expected? He had been told how this town liked to play mind games with people, but this letter... Was it legit? Not that it mattered, because there was NO WAY he'd ever kill anyone. Even if it seemed like they were trying to tempt him with these photos of his friends. ...How the heck did they get them in the first place? ...Well, at least they gave him something to remind him of home, right? He'll be stashing the photos away for himself, but the letter will promptly be thrown in the trash.

It may have been an hour or two later before Bridge had a thought. ...What if the person he was supposed to kill would just be killed by somebody else? He couldn't just sit around knowing somebody's life was in potential danger if he thought he had a chance of stopping it. He didn't know who she was, but he'd find her. Eventually. And so Bridge can be found walking around Mayfield which is a PRETTY STUPID THING but hey, it's Bridge. He's kind of reckless like that. He's stopped a few drones, asking if they knew the person in the picture, but they would just give him strange looks and ignore him from that point on. It didn't help that he couldn't even say her name. Did the town really go through that much trouble to keep people like him from acting as white knights?  He'll give a little sigh before sitting on the curb, trying to rack at his brain for any ideas. GEE THIS IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE TO SNEAK UP ON HIM, ISN'T IT?]

...This must be another trick. Ugh. How am I ever going to warn her in time?

Open Action + Phone [503 Ricardo Street // After speaking to his 'target'. ]

A. [W e l p, his plan didn't go exactly as he had wanted it to. Eva refused his help and went about her merry way, leaving him with... not much to do. Sure, his first instinct was to, you know... help people out. But what if they were like Eva? They'd just turn him down. Do you have any idea how it feels for someone used to saving people's asses to find himself pretty much useless during a chaotic event? There had to be something for him to do. Even risking his life was better than sitting back and doing nothing. So he did something that was equally stupid and dangerous.]

Ah, hello? I wonder if anyone is even bothering staying near phones still. I mean, what, with all the chaos going on out there. Uhm, well... see, I was actually trying to save my target? But that didn't exactly go as planned. I mean, she was pretty darn determined to go after her target so... couldn't really do much, you know? So I'm... kind of finding myself without much to do. Are there maybe any rescue groups out there or something? I just... don't feel right sitting at home when I could be helping people.

B. [With that call out of the way, he'll be equipping himself with the short sword he picked up from Hiccup the other day. ...Not that he's too good with it just yet. But he needed SOMETHING to protect people with besides his fists, right? He's just made it to the sidewalk, but he does seem pretty unsure of himself.  If anyone happens to be around the area, feel free to question him!]

Action 1 [503 Ricardo Street // Early Morning]
[You know, it's funny. Bridge actually had a dream like this once. Waking up in a completely different place than you remember falling asleep. But no matter the amount of pinching he did to himself, his body never managed to wake him up. Well then, maybe this wasn't actually a dream? But where was he, then? He didn't really need to explore his surroundings too thoroughly to tell this wasn't the Command Base. And just taking a look outside was enough to tell him this probably wasn't New Tech City. Or California, even. This looked like something straight out of one of those cheesy early Hollywood Sci-Fi movies he used to watch as a kid. Oh, wait. Those pictures littered throughout the house. Huh. He didn't recognize any of those people, and yet...

Okay, this is going to require some more thinking. Bridge is just going to make it way over to the couch in the living room and proceed to stand on his head. Apologies to any housemates because this is obviously something you're not prepared for on your way to breakfast. Asking him just what the hell he's doing might not be such a bad idea at this point, really.]

Action 2 [Outside 503 Ricardo Street // Noon...ish]
[How are you doing this evening, Mayfield? Don't mind Bridge... well, being Bridge. He's sitting on a huge blanket in the middle of his yard, with way too many miscellaneous mechanical parts laying around. TVs, radios, microwaves... you name it. He's either taking them apart or putting them back together. Why not bug the guy? He wont be angry, promise.]

Action 3 [Mayfield General Store // Afternoon]
[So, Bridge kind of went through all the bread that was in his house by now. That's why you'll find him at the grocery store, with a basket filled with.... well, mostly just bread? As if that wasn't weird enough, he's currently having a staring contest with one of those lobsters in the lobster tank.]

...I've never seen one this small before.

Phone [503 Ricardo Street // Evening]
Uh, okay. I think I've got this place sort of figured out by now. The only question I've got is... is there some kind of junkyard around here? I could use the spare parts to build some pretty awesome stuff. I mean, come on. A toaster that can only toast two pieces of bread at a time?

Show me your teeth.

[ooc] Mayfield app

Posted on 2011.05.11 at 19:21
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SPD emergency!Collapse )